Vote in a President who knows the human condition

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In August of 2011, Ry Cooder, one of the greatest slide guitarists alive, released the prophetic song suggesting, in the intonation and style of his old friend, that John Lee Hooker run for president. Truer words have never been spoken.

In this climate, during times of unprecedented economic turmoil, weak candidates, even weaker politicians in office, and a deficit that's enlarged, Americans need a man who knows how to take charge. The citizens of the United States of America deserve a president who will take no slick jivin', no fast talkin', and no messin' around. If some slick talkin' coproration tries to confront him, our nation needs a president that will cut them right down.

America must have a president who knows the blues. That man is John Lee Hooker.

One Bourbon. One Scotch. One President.