John Lee Hooker is a Visionary

"John Lee Hooker Star Socks" - Photograph by Robert Knight

The blues music legend made a name for himself -- forging his own trademark sound and look. John Lee has traveled the world, but is an all-American man, born and raised in "the most southern place on earth" -- Clarksdale, Mississippi. As a young man, Hooker traveled to Detroit -- Motor City -- where he honed his craft and began making hit albums.

His ability to lead is without question -- Hooker was a band leader for decades.

John Lee Hooker is a man of values. "I always was kind of a Christian, because I was raised that way with Sunday school", he tells Living Blues Magazine. You may not believe this, but I never had a fight since I been born. I never been in trouble, never been involved in violence. Never.

In our war-weary country, we still struggle with the effects and dissent that a prolonged war in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused, but if elected president, John Lee is a man who can put a firm foot down against war, and solve our problems through repetitive riffs and a deeply intimate knowledge of the human condition. "I don't believe in fightin'. I'm a lover not a fighter," he proclaims, with wisdom in brevity.


Under the visionary direction of John Lee Hooker as President of the United States, every state might become a blues state. And what a fine country that would be.

If elected, John Lee Hooker will not need some fancy pop singer at the inaugural party. He can hold down the musical entertainment himself -- but he may want a little help from good friends B.B. King, Ry Cooder, Jimmy Reed, Johnny Taylor, and Muddy Waters.