Articles on John Lee Hooker & Official Press Releases

Official Stance on Wall Street (01-20-2019)

John Lee Hooker has released a statement regarding big banks and corruption on wall street:

"Boom boom boom boom. I'm gonna shoot you right down."

Official Stance on the Iraq War (01-02-2012)

John Lee Hooker has released a statement regarding his stance on the wars that continue to be fought overseas:

"I don't believe in fightin'. I'm a lover not a fighter."

John Lee Hooker Announces 2012 Presidential Candidacy Bid (02-01-2012)

"(DETROIT, MICHIGAN) - John Lee Hooker, the dynamic and immortal bluesman who continues to be one of the most influential figures in music, has announced his official independent candidacy for presidency in 2012."

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Remembering John Lee Hooker on the eve of his Blues Trail Marker (03-15-2011)

John Lee Hooker was recently featured in the American Blues Scene Magazine for the unveiling of his Blues Trail Marker.

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